EcoActive Solutions

 EcoActive Solutions. Turning the world’s surfaces into hygienically protected, hydrophilic, air purifying materials. Improving our health and conserving energy and water.  EcoActive Solutions are completely non toxic and safe to humans, pets and other animals, rivers and oceans.  In fact, EcoActive Solutions ingredients are found in many household items, including toothpaste and sunscreen. This makes EcoActive Solutions the most eco-friendly antimicrobial, hydrophilic, air purifying products available today. 

EcoActive Solutions provides a cleaner and healthier environment with a safe, transparent and durable antimicrobial surface treatment which is a highly adherent macro transparent film. Working 24/7/365 in UV and Visible light, this surface treatment uses safe hydroxyl radicals to trap and destroy harmful bacteria and viruses on virtually any surface and eliminate or dramatically reduce VOCs and odours.

EcoActive Solutions creates hygienic, hydrophilic surfaces that are effective indoors or out and when applied by EcoActive accredited applicators to virtually any new or existing surface including cement, metals, glass, timber, ceramics, plastics, textiles and other surfaces can prevent microbial growth on surfaces over long periods of time.

Utilizing sunlight, typical interior lighting and now the most advanced breakthrough, Visible Light as its energy source, EcoActive Solutions are a powerful and persistent safe mineral oxidizer that are eco-friendly and sustainable with no environmental hazards.

EcoActive Solutions provides the most advanced functional antimicrobial surface treatment available. EcoActive Solutions safely provide continuous broad spectrum antimicrobial protection along with air pollutant and odour reduction in any environment over long periods of time.

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