Q: What are EcoActive Clean and Fresh products?

A: They are highly advanced and durable water based transparent surface films comprising of a matrix of particles that capture and use natural and artificial light to help control and destroy dangerous bacteria, mould, odour, viruses and harmful airborne gases when applied to surfaces indoors and outside.

Q: Where can EcoActive Clean and Fresh be applied?

A: The short answer is everywhere there is mould, odour, harmful bacteria or a toxic vapour problem. Some examples are home living areas, bathrooms, smoking areas, pet areas, shade sails, external and internal walls, fitness gyms, offices, aged care, daycares, schools, food areas, coolrooms, transport….The list is endless.

Q: Do EcoActive Clean and Fresh improve indoor air quality?

A: Most definitely. EcoActive Clean and Fresh helps control volatile organic compounds (toxic gases) referred to as VOC’s, emitted from furniture, carpets, paint and other indoor materials. VOC’s are proven to cause ‘sick building syndrome’ and shown to cause physical health problems such as allergic and immune effects, headaches, nausea, tiredness and respiratory problems, in some cases cancer.

Q: Are they safe for children, pets and the environment?

A: They are totally safe and chemical free and do not contain any toxins or poisons to leach onto surfaces or into the environment. Everyone including the family pets can stay at home during application.

Q: What do EcoActive Clean and Fresh contain and are they approved?

A: Basically 98% water in combination with the same common minerals that are found in many everyday products we all use including toothpaste and sunscreen. Once applied, they form a very powerful, highly adherent antimicrobial surface. Approved by HACCP Australia and certified for food contact surfaces.

Q: Are they durable and how long will they remain effective?

A: Basically they will remain on surfaces for the life of the substrate and only removed by continuous abrasive action. The antimicrobial action is continuous 24/7 under almost any light source for over 1 year and in some instances for up to 3 years.

Q: Will they discolour fabrics or surfaces and will I see them on the surfaces?

A: No they will not discolour any material or substrate and are totally transparent.

Q: How is EcoActive Clean and Fresh applied?

A: We have a qualified and accredited team of applicators that use safe electrostatic spray equipment and a proven application method to ensure all surfaces are effectively treated and covered to the highest standards.

Q: Do I need to clean the surface to be coated first?

A: You may choose to clean surfaces yourself and we will advise you on the best product and preparation method. We do prefer to do the whole cleaning and coating application to guarantee our application for peace of mind.

Q: How do I know EcoActive Clean and Fresh are working?

A: Whilst you can’t feel or taste EcoActive Clean and Fresh, you do possess the other most advanced detection tools. Sight, where you will see the results, Smell, where you will scent the results and Hearing, where your family and friends will tell you about the noticeable difference.

As part of our unique service, we do follow up with you at periodic intervals to check that you continue to be satisfied with the ongoing results and we can also tailor a program to swab and lab test the surfaces.

Q: Can I still clean the surfaces and what can I use?

A: Absolutely. EcoActive Clean and Fresh are not a substitute for good hygiene practice and also being hydrophilic, they allow dirt and grime to sheet off the surface. You may choose to use a mild cleaning solution that is a non toxic or harsh chemical to give you added peace of mind.

Q: What does it cost?

A: Whilst most applications are straightforward, each surface to be treated may involve different challenges and sometimes include extra equipment for hard to access places. We will assess your requirements openly with you and give you a fair and honest quote based on our joint discussion.

Q: Who are you?

A: Environmental Surface Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian company registered in Queensland since 2009 with the Head Office located on the Sunshine Coast. We are the only Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific distributor and approved applicator for EcoActive Clean, EcoActive Fresh and EcoActive Clear antimicrobial and ‘self’ cleaning surface treatments.

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