EcoActive Fresh

EcoActive Fresh™ reduces odours and breaks down dangerous pollutants in the air using the same safe green chemistry it uses to kill dangerous microbes.
The light- energized mineral catalysts in EcoActive Fresh™ continuously photo-oxidizes airborne contaminants that come into contact with treated surfaces.

EcoActive Fresh™ continuously traps, decomposes and reduces pollutants such as Hydrogen sulfide, Formaldehyde and Ethylene gases.
This safe, persistent cleansing of the air occurs using both natural sunlight and, most importantly, visible light indoors where the air we breathe is typically much more contaminated.

EcoActive Fresh™ applied to new or existing interior or exterior surfaces creates a safer, healthier environment all day every day.


  • Works quickly and continuously – in as little as two days of exposure to light, EcoActive Fresh™ can help to keep treated areas protected and smelling fresh over long periods of time – with one application.
  • EcoActive Fresh™ contains no perfumes and does not mask odours—it works actively and continuously at the surface level to break-down odour causing molecules.
  • Applications include, but are not limited to boats, planes, passenger vehicles and interiors of motel and hotel rooms that are exposed to sunlight or fluorescent lighting.
  • Easy one-step application process dries in approximately 10 minutes.
  • Turns any fabric or textile into a sustainable air cleanser to reduce odour, attacking harmful indoor air polluters.
  • Unmatched photocatalytic efficacy continuously reduces microbial threats and odours over long periods of time.

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