EcoActive Clear Clear™ can be used on almost all exterior surfaces to create a hydrophilic self cleaning anti microbial surface.

It is very effective on tiles and glass which allows water to sheet away non-organic residue. Applications include tiled surfaces, building windows, solar panels, LED screens, residential glass fixtures and many other surfaces.

EcoActive Clear™ coated glass is transparent and haze free upon application and stays cleaner longer.

Applied to the outside of Buildings for self cleaning of mould, mildew, hydrocarbons and VOC’s, EcoActive Clear™ will continually maintain and protect surfaces.

Apply EcoActive Clear™ to truck curtains to create a virtual self cleaning surface that uses just light and rainwater to keep the curtains clean and if heavy with organic build up takes over 50% less time to quickly wash down.

Billboards and Road safety signs where a constant build up of grime from passing vehicles is a problem, benefit from the hydrophilic self cleaning properties of EcoActive Clear™.

Shade sails, Solar Panels, Showers, Windows, Traffic tunnels and many more internal/external surfaces in UV and visible light can benefit from EcoActive Clear™

EcoActive Clear™ creates a sustainable hydrophilic surface that proactively aids in cleaning by sheeting away surface pollutants and grime on tiles, glass and a multitude of other surfaces both indoor and outdoor.

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