EcoActive Clean

EcoActive Clean™ safely destroys bacteria, viruses and virulent spores and can prevent microbial growth on surfaces over long periods of time.. This broad spectrum activity is continuous and permanent on almost any surface.

EcoActive Clean™ captures light energy through a catalyst like photosynthesis by plants, to create safe hydrophilic environmental surfaces. EcoActive Clean™ uses energy from visible light as well as the UV available in sunlight to make it the highest performance antimicrobial functional coating.

The ability to use visible light makes EcoActive Clean™ active indoors where microbial contamination poses the greatest threat to health. EcoActive Clean™ works with continuous action since there are no chemicals to be used up or worn out. EcoActive Clean™ evidence based green chemistry is the frontline of defence against dangerous microbes.

EcoActive Clean™ is safe to use and cost efficient, but the technology to bring this amazing materials science to the consumer is highly advanced.

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