EcoActive Technology

EcoActive Solutions are completely nontoxic and safe to humans, animals and the environment. In fact, EcoActive Solutions ingredients are found in many household items, including toothpaste and sunscreen. This makes it the most eco-friendly antimicrobial cleaning approach available today.

Germs and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a constant threat in your environment. Harsh chemicals are not the best way to kill or neutralize them. They are temporary and only work if applied correctly. Your best long-term option is EcoActive Solutions. It harnesses the power of light to destroy harmful microbes for over 1 year and up to 3 years for some applications.

It’s light activated. EcoActive Solutions harnesses the power of simple sunlight and/or typical interior lighting to kill bacteria, viruses and reduce air pollutants continuously. Just turn on the lights and EcoActive Solutions is actively working to safeguard your environment by reducing microbial threats.

EcoActive Solutions Products are safe to use and cost efficient, but the technology to bring this amazing materials science to the consumer is highly advanced.

The discovery of the photocatalytic water-splitting properties of small-particle titanium dioxide by Drs. Fujishima and Honda in 1972 was the beginning of a long process of research and advanced materials testing around the world. Early advancements were led by Japanese, Chinese and European labs, but today there are innovators worldwide in all nanotechnologies.

The strength of research lab discoveries, manufacturing innovations, and advanced technology makes patent pending antimicrobial products unrivaled in high quality effectiveness of highly adherent material coatings.


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