Benefits of EcoActive Solutions EcoActive Solutions is a safe and very durable transparent photocatalytic surface film that can prevent microbial growth over long periods of time and is shown to reduce airborne pollutants.

 Eco Active Solutions is highly effective both indoors and out and when applied to existing or new surfaces, is a powerful and persistent cleansing mineral oxidizer, activated by interior lighting or sunlight.

 EcoActive Solutions evidence based technology works in two ways to kill microbes and reduce air pollutants.

First, EcoActive Clean™ reduces the number of viral particles on surfaces through deactivation of their molecular structures. It’s unique structure attracts bacteria, viruses, spores and organic molecules electrostatically to the treated surface where they are destroyed.  Viruses such as influenza (H1N1), Hepatitis and HIV are deactivated through chemical damage to their molecular structures. Dangerous spores such as Clostridium difficile are also deactivated. 

Secondly, EcoActive Clean™ and EcoActive Fresh can reduce the amounts of Ethylene, Hydrogen Sulphide and Formaldehyde in atmospheres to improve indoor and outdoor air quality and EcoActive Solutions can prevent microbial growth on surfaces over long periods of time. This sustained broad-spectrum antimicrobial action continues under any light source to reduce microbial threats.

EcoActive Solutions coatings are eco-friendly and sustainable with no environmental hazards. The clean, green formulation of EcoActive Solutions contains no poisons, toxic metals, drugs or antibiotics, and is effective against all microbes. Effective in both exterior and interior use, EcoActive Solutions is applicable to most surfaces and does not affect color or texture.

Unlike disinfectants and sterilizers that are only temporarily effective after application, EcoActive Solutions work 24/7/365 to continuously reduce contamination on the treated surface. EcoActive Solutions helps maintain durable hygienic surfaces which helps reduce the costs of constant additional cleaning and the use of harsh toxic cleansers.

EcoActive Solutions is water based, composed of food-safe ingredients and is non-toxic for humans, animals and the environment. EcoActive Solutions’ broad-spectrum antimicrobial utilizes the same common minerals found in many everyday products including sunscreen and toothpaste.

EcoActive Solutions proprietary transparent functional coating also has a unique hydrophilic effect which helps to shed dirt, oils and contaminants from any surface using natures rain or a simple rinse with water.

EcoActive Solutions is a constant and persistent antimicrobial treatment that can also help reduce air pollutants in the environment.

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