About Us

EcoActive Solutions specializes in the professional application of a mineral based, light activated, long lasting antimicrobial film.

With our headquarters in Queensland Australia, EcoActive Solutions are distributors and accredited applicators of this highly advanced technology for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim.

EcoActive Clean™ utilizes a proprietary water based formulation that combines nanoparticles of titanium dioxide and zinc, commonly found in many everyday products including toothpaste and sunscreen.

Together they create a photocatalytic process when exposed to sunlight and/or interior lighting. Micro-organisms carry a negative charge. EcoActive Clean™ carries a positive charge that attracts traps and destroys the virus, bacteria or spore. Even superbugs are no match for EcoActive Clean™. Its continuous oxidation kills all components of the germs so they cannot re-emerge or evolve further.

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